Sunday, March 20, 2011

DOUBTFUL - Malawi 2010

Title: Lighthouses and Shells
Format: 2 Minisheets with 2 stamps each

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  1. Hi Carlos, greetings from Portugal.
    I like coming to your blog once in a while to know about some Lighthouse issues i previously didn't have knowledge of.
    I'm curious to know why you consider this last issues of different countries you posted as doubtful. Something in them made you suspect, or just that you can't find any information about them being issued?
    Some explanation on this would be much appreciated by me, and i'm sure by many other readers :)

    I've come across some stamps in my few years of collecting that i find doubtful, mostly because they are issued by rare seen countries, dated as old (50's to 70's), and also on most of them paper quality/type, or even the drawing/design of the stamp, didn't seem to match those years in my opinion.

    Care to share your ideas about these last posts? :)
    Thanks and keep the good work in your blog

    Sam L