Friday, November 2, 2012

20121031 ALDERNEY

and a NEW STAMP ***
Block with the complete serie and
Alderney Lighthouse

Release Date: October 31, 2012
Postal Authority: Guernsey Post - Philatelic Bureau
Title: The History of Alderney Harbour
Format: Serie of 6 stamps + Block with 6 stamps
Stamp Dimensions (mm):  38 x 30.56
Perforation: 13 3/4
Design: Richard Thompson
Printing Process: Offset Lithography
Paper:  110gsm unwatermarked PVA adhesive
Printed by: BDT International

52  (0.52 pound)
Local (Bailiwick) Standard
 Large Letter up 100g

Braye Harbour End Breakwater Light
A1538.5  ?

59 (0.59 pound)
Europe/Worldwide Standard
Letter up to 20 grs

Lights at the entry of
Little Crabby Harbour (Braye)
A 1539.1  and  A1539.2

Better view of A1539.1  in
the 10 stamps sheet

69  (0.69 pound)
UK, Jersey and Isle of Man Standard
Large Letter up to 20grs

Alderney Lighthouse

Thanks Jaap for the alert on the images.

(**) Confirmed Under-watch issue.

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