Friday, January 25, 2013

20130131 - ESTONIA

** Updated with Images**

Code: EST-2013-01
Release Date: January 31, 2013
Postal Authority: Eesti Post
Title: Lighthouses 2013 - Kiipsaare
Format: 1 stamp
Sheets of: 10 stamps (2 x 5)
Perf: 14 x 13 3/4
Facial: 0.45 €  (Euro - EUR)
Service: Domestic Ordinary Letter up to 50 grs. (0.45 €)
Design: Roman Matkiewicz
Printing Process: Offset
Printed by: AS Vaba Maa
Quantity: 50.000 stamps
Lighthouse: Kiipsaare

First Day Cover



Maxi Card


Complete List of Stamps with lighthouses from ESTONIA: Click Here
-Thanks Klaus for the alert on the images.
-Eesti Post Stamps and Coins:  

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