Monday, February 3, 2014

20140212 - ALDERNEY

** Images and New Material Added**

Set of stamps

Set of stamps in Minisheet

Code: ALD-2014-01
Release Date: February 12, 2014
Postal Authority: Guernsey Post - Philatelic Burear
Title: Alderney Ladybirds
Format: Serie of 6 stamps AND Block with the same 6 stamps
Sheets of: 10 stamps
Stamp Dimensions (mm): 38 x 30.56
Minisheet Dimensions (mm): 140 x 100
Perf: 13 3/4
Currency: Pound
Design: Petula Stone
Paper: 100gsm unwatermarked  PVA adhesive
Printing Process: Offset Lithography
Printed by: BDT International

Stamp N.1
40  (0.40 Pound)
Service: Algerney/Guernsey Standard Letter up to 100g

Lighthouse: Alderney

Cover of Presentation Pack and border of sheet  with extra views of the lighthouse.

Presentation Pack
Border of Sheet (0.40 Stamp)

This is the sixth issue of the serie Alderney Invertebrates (2009/2014), and it is the last one too. The serie ends this year.
It was possible to see Alderney lighthouse in 4 of the previous 5 issues.

From left to right:
-2009 Bees
-2010 Dragonflies
-2012 Tiger Moths and Ermines
-2013 Beetles

Complete list of Stamps with Lighthouses from ALDERNEY: Click Here

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