Sunday, April 16, 2017

DOUBTFUL - Djibuti 2017

Code: DJB-2017-01
Release Date: March 17, 2017
Title: The Lighthouses
Format: Minisheet of 4 stamps and Block with 1 stamp

Thanks Klaus for the alert on this issue

Regarding these material that I call "Doubtfuls" and all the issues coming from Stamperija, a rather interesting situation occurred last week. 

The philatelic sales site WOPA announced the Maldives as a new country they were to represent. This meant starting to market all the stamps inscribed "Maldives" released by Stamperija. For example for the year 2016 only,  there are more than 60 different issues. Each one composed of minisheet and block. 

WOPA received many negative comments on that decision from the collectors and customers of its site. They then decided to suspend the entry of Maldives to the list of countries they represents to study the situation more closely. 

We will see how this theme evolves ...


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