Thursday, July 27, 2017

DOUBTFUL - Maldives (XII)

Code: MDV-2017-12
Release Date: June 21, 2017
Title: Paintings of Lighthouses
Format: Minisheet of 4 stamps and Block with 1 stamp

Thanks Jaap and Klaus for the info

It is a very slow time of the year.  Lets make this more interesting...

Do you like the mix Paintings and Lighthouses?  Well, I have a new issue that involve a painting of the 19th century that shows a lighthouse. 
I didn´t post it yet because now I am with the hard task of get a good image of that issue.  But the interesting part of the painting depicted in the release is this:

Click over the image for a better look

Do you see the lighthouse at the distance?  That is how it looked in that time. It was destroyed by an earthquake and rebuild in the 20th century. This is how it looks today...

Do you guess who is this?   All the info and images as soon I can get a good set of images.


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