Monday, June 7, 2010

20100618 - Namibia

Release Date: June 18 - 2010
Postal Authority:  Nam Post
Title: Lighthouses of Namibia 2010
Format: 3 Stamps
Dimensions (mm): 30x40
Designer:  Elgin Bahr
Printed by: Österreichische Staatsdruckerei
Quantity issued: 45000 stamps of each denomination

Currency: Namibian dollar ($ or N$ - NAD)
Sheets of: 10 stamps with same denomination
    Facial: N$ 4.40
    Lighthouse: Swakopmund
    Permanent Value: Registered Mail
    Equivalent to N$ 20.90 at the moment
    of the release.
    Lighthouse: Pelican Point
    Permanent Value: Non Standar Mail
    Equivalent to N$ 8.50 at the moment
    of the release.
    Lighthouse: Diaz Points
    First Day Cover
    Dimensions (mm): 100x190
    Quantity issued: 1500
    Nam Post Number: 3.75

    First Day Cancellation
    Place of issue: Lüderitz
    Nam Post number: 132

    Thanks to Sannie van Wik, Philately Supervisor of NamPost for the info about this release.

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