Friday, June 4, 2010

A few words.

To begin, a few words...

I will show only the stamps emited since 2010.

I will post the information as soon i receive it. There are not a chronological relation between the release date with the date of the post. If you want to see it in a more organized way, please go  to the right of your screen.

I will organize it in 3 ways. "Order by Release Date", "Order by Country" and "Order by Importance". The last one is dedicated to those who want to go deep in the collection. I divided it in 3 categories:

1-Main: The Lighthouses are the principal topic in the stamps.

2-Scenery: Those stamps where the Lighthouse is not the principal subject, but it is important in the stamp.

3-Where is it?: Take a magnifying glass and try to find the Lighthouse.

I hope that this blog be useful to you.
Thanks, Carlos

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