Friday, March 30, 2012

DOUBTFUL - Guinea Bissau - 2011

Format: 2 Blocks
Title: Farois 

Thanks Jaap for the alert on this issue.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

20120321 - Sweden

Release Date: March 21, 2012
Postal Authority: Posten
Title: Life at the Coast (The North by the Sea serie of Top of the World Stamps)
Format: Block with 2 stamps
Dimensions (mm): 105 x 70
Design: Norbert Tamas
Printing Method: Recess and Offset
Engraving: Martin Mörk


Facial: 12 KR (SEK - Krona) -
Service: First Class Mail "Prioritaire" Outside Europe up to 20 grs.
Dimensions (mm): 44 x 23,57
Lighthouse:  Häradskär


First Day Cover
Collector Sheet
This is the second issue from Sweden of the "North by the Sea" series. In the first issue (2010),  the Collector Sheet also shows a great picture with lighthouses.

2010 issue Collector Sheet

Thanks Klaus for the alert on this issue and thanks to Jaap for the image.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Closed for Vacations

Hello friends and readers of this blog.  I am taking vacations, so there will no be new entries until late March.
See you then... and coming in April, the "2011 New Stamps with Lighthouses" in PDF.


Friday, March 2, 2012

20120402 - Isle of Man

Release Date: April 02, 2012
Postal Authority: Isle of Man Post Office
Title: Harbour Lights - Minor Lighthouses of the Isle of Man
Format: 6 stamps
Paintings by: Tracey Dean
Printed by: BDT

Currency: Manx Pound - IMP

1p (pence)
Castletown Harbour
Irish Quay (left)
New Harbour Head (right)

68p (pence)
Douglas Harbour

Battery Pier

75p (pence)
Peel Harbour
Breakwater Head

1.00 (pound)
Laxey Harbour
Breakwater Head (left)
Pier Head (right)

1.30 (pound)
Ramsey Harbour
South Pier Head

1.60 (pound)
Port St.Mary Harbour
Inner Pier Head

Sheets of 20 stamps with images from each
 selected town in the top magins

Special sheet of 10 stamps of the Europa value (68p)

Presentation Pack

First Day Covers

And this is my first candidate for best issue of the year 2012. 
Fantastic paintings of Tracey Dean. Great issue!

Thanks Jaap for the alert on this issue.
Thanks Klaus for the alert on the images.