Friday, October 19, 2012

20121018 - AZERBAIJAN

Release Date: October 18, 2012
Postal Authority: Azermarka Company
Title: 20th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations. Azerbaijan-Egypt(*)
Format: Block with 2 stamps
Dimensions (mm): 123 x 94
Design: Khasay Mirzoyev
Paper: Chalky
Printing Process: Offset
Quantity: 10000 blocks

Currency: Manat (AZN)
Facial: 60 qəp (0,60 AZN)
Dimensions (mm): 40 x 28
Perf: 14 x 14 1/4
Lighthouse: Maiden Tower (Azerbaijan)
(*) Joint issue between Azerbaijan and Egypt. On may 28 we had the egyptian stamp with the same design. Follow this link...
Thanks to   for the info.

Monday, October 8, 2012

20120608 - ECUADOR

Release Date: June 08, 2012
Postal Authority: Correos del Ecuador
Title: The Seven Wonders of Guayaquil
Format: Block with 7 stamps with value + 1 complement
Dimensions (mm): 178 x 95
Currency: US Dollar (USD)
Design: David Romero
Quantity: 25000 blocks

Facial Value: 0.75 (USD)
Perf: 13 x 13 1/2
Lighthouse: Up in the center, the Lighthouse of Santa Ana Hill, in Guayaquil (Ecuador).  This is not a real lighthouse, but I post it anyway as a lighthouse stamp, in recognition  to them that choose the figure of a lighthouse to design monuments.

Here it is a better look...
Thanks to John from Ecuador for
this Post Card

...and this is another product from "Correos del Ecuador" with this lighthouse.  It´s a postal stationery from November of 2012.

And this is another example of lighthouses that are not lighthouses.
Breda (Netherlands) in 2011.


Thanks Klaus for the alert on this issue.

Thanks to Elvis Velez and the Philatelic Club Guayaquil for the images and the technical information.