Monday, February 17, 2014

20140417 - Japan

More Material from Japan.
In this case, It´s new...
Code: JAP-2014-01
Release Date: April 17, 2014
Postal Authority: Japan Post
Title:  60th Anniversary of Enforcement of the Local Autonomy Law - EHIME Prefecture
Format: Minisheet with 5 stamps
Dimensions (mm): 93.5 x 175
Stamp Dimensions (mm): 33,5 x 28
Designer: Satoshi Maruyama (stamp designer)
Lighthouse Photo: Ikata
Printing Process: Gravure 6 colours
Quantity: 1.000.000 Minisheets
Currency: Yen (JPY)

 Stamp N. 5
82 (JPY)
Service: Local Standard Letter up to 25g

Lighthouse: Sada Misaki   ALL M-5424

Sunday, February 16, 2014

20101001 - Japan

** NEW FIND from 2010 **
Hello friends:
Do you remember this minisheet from Japan 2010? 
This issue was already posted.  But  I only listed the last stamp of the sequence showing "E Saki" lighthouse (circle), as a lighthouse stamp.
This morning, George from Canada, send to me a mail, informing about another lighthouse in this minisheet.  And yes,  there is another lighthouse. Look at the stamp beside the E saki.

This stamp show the "Naruto Whirlpools",   under the bridge between Naruto and Awaji Island  (Onaruto Bridge). That white tower on the hill, next to the bridge is Mago Saki Lighthouse.

Mago Saki Lighthouse  -  ALL  M 5551.5

Thank you very much George Louit (Argentinian living in Canada), for this new discovery.
***  Original Post from 2010 ***
Release Date: October 01 - 2010
Postal Authority: JP Post
Title: Travel Scene Series (Vol 10). Roads crossing the Seto Inland Sea (Vol.3) 
Format: Block with 10 stamps
Dimensions (mm): 140 x 213
Designer: Maruyama Satoru
Printing Process: Offset 5 Colours
Quantity: 1200000 Blocks

Stamp of our interest: (Bottom - right)
Facial: 80 (yen - JPY)
Dimensions (mm): 28x36
Lighthouse: E saki (Awaji Island)

Thanks to Jaap for this alert.

Saturday, February 15, 2014



3 new years have been added to the Quick Reference List.  This version is between the years 2006 and 2013.  All the stamps with lighthouses of the last 8 years are listed in this file.

There are no images in this file, but all the stamps have links to the blog LHSTAMP; and there you will find more technical information and images of the stamps.
You can downloaded from here:
It´s a free hosting service. If you have any problem to download the file from there, you can send me a mail and I will send you a copy. Just put in the subjet "Qlist". No need to write something else.

We keep in touch

Thursday, February 13, 2014

20140306 - TAIWAN

Code: TWN-2014-01
Release Date: March 06, 2014
Postal Authority: Chunghwa Post
Title: Lighthouses (Issue of 2014) (*)
Format: Serie of 4 stamps
Sheets of: 20 stamps (5 x 4)
Stamps Dimensions (mm): 40 x 30
Perforation: 12 1/2
Currency: New Taiwan Dollar - TWD
Printing Process: Offset
Paper: Phosphorescent stamp paper
Colour: Colorful
Printed by: China Color Printing Co, Ltd
5 (Fangyuan): 950.000
5, 10, 25: 900.000 each

5  (TWD)
Service: Ordinary Domestic Letter up to 20g

Lighthouse: Fangyuan  (F-4659.5)

5 (TWD)
Service: Ordinary Domestic Letter up to 20g

Lighthouse: Chamu yu  (F-4650)

10  (TWD)
Service: Postcard to Asia or Oceania -
Ordinary Domestic Letter up to 50g

Lighthouse: Lanyu (F-4725)

25 (TWD)
Service: Ordinary Domestic Letter up to 250g

Lighthouse: Sandiaojiao  (F-4694)

(*)  Click to see the first issue of this serie:    LIGHTHOUSES 2010

Thanks Jaap for the alert on this issue:

Monday, February 3, 2014

20140212 - ALDERNEY

** Images and New Material Added**

Set of stamps

Set of stamps in Minisheet

Code: ALD-2014-01
Release Date: February 12, 2014
Postal Authority: Guernsey Post - Philatelic Burear
Title: Alderney Ladybirds
Format: Serie of 6 stamps AND Block with the same 6 stamps
Sheets of: 10 stamps
Stamp Dimensions (mm): 38 x 30.56
Minisheet Dimensions (mm): 140 x 100
Perf: 13 3/4
Currency: Pound
Design: Petula Stone
Paper: 100gsm unwatermarked  PVA adhesive
Printing Process: Offset Lithography
Printed by: BDT International

Stamp N.1
40  (0.40 Pound)
Service: Algerney/Guernsey Standard Letter up to 100g

Lighthouse: Alderney

Cover of Presentation Pack and border of sheet  with extra views of the lighthouse.

Presentation Pack
Border of Sheet (0.40 Stamp)

This is the sixth issue of the serie Alderney Invertebrates (2009/2014), and it is the last one too. The serie ends this year.
It was possible to see Alderney lighthouse in 4 of the previous 5 issues.

From left to right:
-2009 Bees
-2010 Dragonflies
-2012 Tiger Moths and Ermines
-2013 Beetles

Complete list of Stamps with Lighthouses from ALDERNEY: Click Here