Sunday, February 16, 2014

20101001 - Japan

** NEW FIND from 2010 **
Hello friends:
Do you remember this minisheet from Japan 2010? 
This issue was already posted.  But  I only listed the last stamp of the sequence showing "E Saki" lighthouse (circle), as a lighthouse stamp.
This morning, George from Canada, send to me a mail, informing about another lighthouse in this minisheet.  And yes,  there is another lighthouse. Look at the stamp beside the E saki.

This stamp show the "Naruto Whirlpools",   under the bridge between Naruto and Awaji Island  (Onaruto Bridge). That white tower on the hill, next to the bridge is Mago Saki Lighthouse.

Mago Saki Lighthouse  -  ALL  M 5551.5

Thank you very much George Louit (Argentinian living in Canada), for this new discovery.
***  Original Post from 2010 ***
Release Date: October 01 - 2010
Postal Authority: JP Post
Title: Travel Scene Series (Vol 10). Roads crossing the Seto Inland Sea (Vol.3) 
Format: Block with 10 stamps
Dimensions (mm): 140 x 213
Designer: Maruyama Satoru
Printing Process: Offset 5 Colours
Quantity: 1200000 Blocks

Stamp of our interest: (Bottom - right)
Facial: 80 (yen - JPY)
Dimensions (mm): 28x36
Lighthouse: E saki (Awaji Island)

Thanks to Jaap for this alert.

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