Sunday, May 31, 2015

20150520 - GREECE

Code: GRE-2015-01
Release Date: May 20, 2015
Postal Authority: Helenic Post
Title: 12th European Sea Ports Conference
Format: Set of 3 stamps (2 of them in Minisheets too)


Old view of the port of Piraeus with the breakwaters mole lights at the distance. 
South mole at left (N-4178  / Themistokleus)
North mole at right (N-4180  / Vasileus Georgios)

Saturday, May 30, 2015

20150526 - NETHERLANDS

Code: NET-2015-01
Release Date: May 26, 2015
Postal Authority: Post NL
Title: Wonderful Netherland 2015 - Fortresses - Willemstad
Format: 1 stamp in Minisheets of 5
Sheets Dimensions (mm): 139 x 75
Stamp Dimensions (mm): 20,8 x 25,3
Perf: 14 1/2 x 14 1/4
Design: Traped in Suburbia, The Hague
Printing Method: Offset 4 colours
Paper: Normal
Security: Phosphor Tagging
Gum: Synthetic
Printed by: J Enschede Security Printers (Haarlem)
Quantity: 65000 Minisheets

No Lighthouse in the stamp design but at the upper margin of the sheet we see a brown tower (barely).
That tower are the remains of the old Willemstad lighthouse (ex ALL B-0577)
Here a view of Google Earth of that place.  Apparently the photo of the minisheet is old and do not show that building at the left of the lighthouse. Or the photo in Google is the old one, and that building does not exists anymore.

Thanks Jaap for the alert on this issue

Friday, May 29, 2015

2014 PDF File - Update to version 2.0

Hello Friends:

A new version (2.0)  of the PDF file of the year 2014 is available now. 
You can download for free   CLICKING HERE.

4 Doubtful ítems added (already posted here) plus 1 modification are the novelties of this version.

-Maldives:    MDV-2014-02
-St Thomas & Prince: STP-2014-03
-Guinea Republic: GUI-2014-02
-Togo: TOG-2014-06

The issue from Greece of the last year have a modification regarding the format.  Besides the booklet stamp, there is also a smaller and gummed version of the stamp.  You can check it here:  GRE-2014-01

We keep in touch.

PD: There will be activity this weekend here.  New issues from the Netherlands and from Greece.  Do not forget to bring the magnifying glass.

Monday, May 25, 2015

20150415 - NEVIS

New info
Original Post May 24, 2015

*** Not all the lighthouses are from England ***

Code:  NEV-2015-01
Release Date: April 15, 2015
Coming from:  Nevis Philatelic Bureau
Title:  Europhilex London 2015 - Lighthouses of England  (and Scotland)(*)
Format:  Minisheet of 6 stamps and Block with 1 stamp
Dimensions (mm):
Currency:  East Caribbean Dollar  (XCD)
Printing Method: 
Printed by:

3.15 (XCD)
Roker Pier - ENGLAND

3.15 (XCD)
Beachy Head - ENGLAND

3.15 (XCD)
New Dungeness - ENGLAND
3.15 (XCD)
Smeaton`s Tower / Eddystone ENGLAND

3.15 (XCD)
St.Catherine`s - ENGLAND

3.15 (XCD)
Flamborough Head Chalk Tower ENGLAND


10 (XCD)
The Needles - ENGLAND
Eckhard alerts me about this.  Not all the lighthouses depicted in this issue are from England (Although the title says so).  The one at the left of the minisheet (outside the stamps) is from Scotland, located at the most northerly point of mainland Britain.

Dunnet Head - A-3574
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Saturday, May 23, 2015

General Info: Cancel from Turkey

First Day Cancellation from Turkey.  May 21, 2015.  The stamp released is for UNESCO and Heritage Sites. In the postmark appears Kiz Kulesi in a very stylistic way.   But...

But, look at the Minisheet released.  Kiz Kulesi is not in it.  But (again), I believe that the white tower inside the circle that I drew is Ahırkapı  (N-4903).    I will return to this in the future, as soon I can find a better image to confirm it.

Friday, May 22, 2015



Code:  SPM-2015-01
Release Date: June 06, 2015 
Coming from:  La Poste SPM
Title:  Cars from the ´50s
Format:  Minisheet of 4 stamps
Dimensions (mm): 170 x 115
Design:  Raphaëlle Goineau
Printing Method:  Offset
Printed by: Phil @ poste
Quantity:  50.000

Stamp 4 of 4   -  RENAULT 4 CV
Currency:  Euro - EUR
Facial:  0.76 (EUR)
Service:  Prioritaire Letter up to 20g to France, Andorre and Monaco
Dimensions (mm): 
Lighthouse:  Old Tête de Galantry (disapeared in 1980 and replaced with the new Galantry).
Country:  Saint Pierre et Miquelón (Saint Pierre Island)

Visit   THIS SITE for more info about Galantry


Thursday, May 21, 2015

General Info - Cancels from Spain

New Touristic postmarks with open date coming from Spain.  Luarca or Atalaya Point (D-1646) and Fisterra or Cape Finisterre (D-1742).  So, if you are lucky and can visit this places, you can build a nice philatelic souvenir with this cancellations.
Thanks Jaap for the alert.

Monday, May 18, 2015

20150611 - GERMANY

Original Post: April 28, 2015 
Code:  GER-2015-01
Release Date:  June 11, 2015
Coming from:  Deutsche Post
Title:  Lighthouses 2015 - Moritzburg & Lindau
Format:  Set of 2 stamps
Sheets of: 10 stamps (same design) 5 x 2
Design:  Prof. Johannes Graf, Dortmund
Photo: Reinhard Scheiblich, Norderstedt
Printing Method:  Offset Multicolor
Paper: Coated, white and fluorescent /  DP II
Printed by: Bagel Security-Print GmbH & Co. KG, Mönchengladbach

Stamp 1 of 2 
Currency:  Euro - EUR
Facial:  45  (0.45 EUR)
Service:  Local Postcard
Dimensions (mm):  35 x 35
Lighthouse:  Moritzburg
Country:  GERMANY (Moritzburg - Saxony State) 

Stamp 2 of 2 
Currency:  Euro - EUR
Facial:  62  (0.62 EUR)
Service:  Local Standard Letter up to 20g
Dimensions (mm):  35 x 35
Lighthouse:  Lindau
Country:  GERMANY (Linday - Bavaria State)

 First Day Cancellations


 Local Cancellations

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Sunday, May 17, 2015

General Info: Cancel from Italy

Postmark for the Centenary of entry of Italy in the WWI.    Date May 24 in Trieste.   And the beautiful  Vittoria Lighthouse in it.

Thanks Jaap for the alert.

Friday, May 15, 2015

20150527 – ITALY

New Images and Info
Original Post: February 20, 2015

Code:  ITA-2015-01
Release Date: May 27, 2015
Coming from:  Poste Italiane
Title:  Italian Artistic and Cultural Heritage 
Format:  Set of 7 stamps - Definitives
Sheets of: 28 stamps (same design)
Artist: Rita Fantini
Printing Method:  Intaglio
Paper: 90g/m2, white, neutral, non-fluorescent.
Gum: Self Adhesives
Printed by: IPZS SpA (Rome)
Quantity:  800.000 series

Stamp 1 of 7
Currency:  Euro (EUR)
Facial:  0.80
Service:  Prioritaire Local Small Letter up to 20g
Dimensions (mm):  48 x 40
Perf: 11
Lighthouse:  Castello della Colombaia (ancient)
Country:  ITALY  (Trapani - Sicily)
First Day Cancellation
(Thanks Jaap)
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Thursday, May 14, 2015

20150507 - IRELAND

New Images
Original Post: April 26, 2015 


Code:  IRE-2015-01
Release Date:  May 07, 2015
Coming from:  An Post - IRELAND
Title:  Centenary of the Sinking of the RMS Lusitania
Format:  Serie of 2 stamps.  Singles and in Minisheets of 1 serie
Sheets of: 16 stamps
Design:  Steve Simpson
Research & Illustration: Vincent Killowry
Printing Method:  Lithography Multicolour
Paper: TR 102 gsm
Gum: PVA Gum
Security: Phosphor Tagging
Printed by: Cartor Security Printing


Stamp 2 of 2 
Currency:  EUR - Euro
Facial:  € 1
Service:  Standard Letter Worlwide up to 100g
Dimensions (mm):  40.6 x 29.8
Minisheet Dimensions (mm): 150 x 90
Perf: 14,3 x 14,1
Lighthouse:  Old Head of Kinsale
All:  A-5710
Country:  Ireland
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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

General Info: Banknote from Argentina


New banknote of 50 argentinian pesos (ARS).  It was announced last year, but started to circulate in march of this year.  No lighthouse in the main design.  But one of the security measures (see thru test) is a stylized lighthouse in front and back.

Stylized lighthouse at front in green and yellow

Same design for the back with colours blue and magenta

Sunday, May 10, 2015

General Info: Cancel from Italy

This postmark to be applied in Castiglione della Pescaia (Italy), depicts one of the two Mole Lighthouses of the city.  Both lights (North and South) are identical except for the colour. 
We can´t see the colour in this ítem.  The Mole North lighthouse is red, it is active and the code is E-1470.  The other one is blue and it is inactive (ex E-1468).  So if we have to put a name to this, lets go with the active. North E-1470

Thanks Jaap for the alert.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

General Info: Cancels from the End of the World


More postmarks regarding the Philatelic Expo in Rio Grande (Tierra del Fuego-Argentina).  This set is coming from South America too.  Two from Chile (the bests cancels about this theme until now) and one from Paraguay.


Thanks Jaap for the alert.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015




Code:  SGI-2015-01
Release Date:  June 21, 2015
Coming from:  South Georgia & South Sandwich Islands
Title:  Viola / Dias  -  The last of the British Steam Trawlers
Format:  Serie of 4 stamps and Block with 1 stamp
Sheets of: 10 stamps
Block Dimensions (mm): 98 x 80
Design:  Andrew Robinson
Printing Method: Lithography
Printed by: BDT International
Stamp 2 of 4 


Currency: Pound
Facial:  70p (0.70 Pound)
Dimensions (mm):  28,45 x 42,58
Perf: 14
Lighthouse:  Inner Farne High
All:  A-2812
Country:  England
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