Friday, May 29, 2015

2014 PDF File - Update to version 2.0

Hello Friends:

A new version (2.0)  of the PDF file of the year 2014 is available now. 
You can download for free   CLICKING HERE.

4 Doubtful ítems added (already posted here) plus 1 modification are the novelties of this version.

-Maldives:    MDV-2014-02
-St Thomas & Prince: STP-2014-03
-Guinea Republic: GUI-2014-02
-Togo: TOG-2014-06

The issue from Greece of the last year have a modification regarding the format.  Besides the booklet stamp, there is also a smaller and gummed version of the stamp.  You can check it here:  GRE-2014-01

We keep in touch.

PD: There will be activity this weekend here.  New issues from the Netherlands and from Greece.  Do not forget to bring the magnifying glass.

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