Tuesday, August 31, 2010

20100701 - Monaco

Release Date: July 01 - 2010
Stamp Authority: OETP - Office des Emissions de Timbres-Poste
Title: 50th Anniversary of the Maritime Police of Monaco
Format: 1 Stamp
Facial: 0,53 €
Dimensions (mm): 30 x 40
Sheets of: 10 stamps.
Designer: Fabrice Monaci
Line-engraving: Yves Beaujard
Printing Process: 4 colours steel-engraving
Printed by: Philaposte - France

Lighthouse at the top of the stamp inspired by the two lighthouses demolished in 2006. The expansions works of the Port d´Hercule in Mónaco at that time,  were the reason of the destruction.

Thanks to Jaap and Daniel for the information.

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