Sunday, September 19, 2010

20100915 - Chile

Release Date: September 15 - 2010
Postal Authority: Correos Chile
Title: La Serena 2010 in the Year of the Bicentenary
Format: 2 Stamps
Sheet of: 50 Stamps (25 each)
Designer: Roberto Sepulveda Bustos
Paper: Semibrilliant - 90 grs/m2
Printing Process: Offset with 4 Colours
Printing by: Casa de Moneda de Chile SA
Quantity: 50000 for each stamp

Stamp of our interest:

Facial: $ 420 (Pesos - CLP)
Dimensions (mm): 48 x 30
Perf: 13 1/2
Lighthouse: Monumental La Serena

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