Wednesday, December 29, 2010

20101201 - United States

Release Date: December 01 - 2010
Postal Authority: United States Postal Service
Title: Lady Liberty and U.S. Flag (Forever)
Format: Serie of 2 stamps
Coils of: 100 stamps (50 each)
Facial: Permanent Value for Domestic First-Class Mail 1-ounce rate. Actual value: 0.44 USD 
Designer: Terrence McCaffrey.
Photo of Lady Liberty: Raimund Linke

Lighthouse: Statue of Liberty.

The intention of this post is remember that, in the origins,  the Statue was a lighthouse too. It worked until the begining of the XX century.
The Statue of Liberty is a topic by itself. It has numerous stamps from countries of all over the world. That is why I´ll only show the Lady Liberty stamps released by USA.

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