Tuesday, June 18, 2013

20130718 - GIBRALTAR

Code: GIB-2013-01
Release Date: July 18, 2013
Stamp Authority: Gibraltar Philatelic Bureau
Title: 60th Anniversary of the first Queen Elizabeth II Definitive
Format: Serie of 14 stamps
Dimensions (mm): 42 x 26.44
Design: Stephen Perera
Original Illustration: Norman Cumming (1953)
Printing Process: Offset Litho 4 colours
Printed by: Lowe-Martin International
Currency: Pound

Stamp 9
50p  (0.50 Pound)
Service: Postcard or Priority Letter up to 10g Worldwide
(outside Europe)

Europa Point - GIBRALTAR
Stamp 11
60p (0.60 Pound)
Service: Priority Letter to Morocco or Europe up to 30 gr

Distant view of the Strait with 2 lights on both shores
Spain - (right) - Punta Carnero
Morocco - (left) - Malabata

60 years after, Gibraltar release this  set of 14 stamps with almost identical looks to the originals definitives.  The only difference is the face value.  Next there is an image with the 2 lighthouse stamps with the original value.

Sc 140  142

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