Friday, September 20, 2013

20130920 - TUNISIA

Code: TUN-2013-01
Release Date: September 20, 2013
Postal Authority: La Poste Tunisienne
Title: Lighthouses of Tunisia
Format: 4 stamps
Currency: Tunisian Dinar - TND

250 (0.25 TND)
Service: Local Letter "Ordinaire" up to 20g
Lighthouse:  Îles Cani / Dog Rocks   E6416

600 (0.600 TND)
Service: Postcard to everywhere /
Europa and Arabs countries letter 20 grs
Lighthouse: Galiton de l'Ouest - E6464

700 (0.700 TND)
Service: Local Letter up to 250g
Lighthouse: Borj Khadija (Chebba)

1000 (1 TND)
Lighthouse: Borj Jellij  E6338

First Day Cover

Thanks Drazen and Klaus for the alert on this issue

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