Thursday, December 19, 2013

2014 Preview

This is a table with dates of confirmed issues of lighthouse stamps for 2014.  We have the regular countries present (Germany, Estonia, Croatia, Iceland). Other country that resumed the issue of lighthouse stamps (Latvia),  and a new and interesting presence in the table (Faroe Islands).

 Faroe Islands
April 28 
 3 stamps
May 30 
 3 stamps
July 03 
 2 stamps
September 11
 2 stamps
September 12
 1 stamp 
October 17 
 2 stamps 

This list is only the begining.  More issues will be added for sure.  Please, keep me updated about any info that you find about new issues of this great topic of philately.  Thanks in advance.

Next week and like a Christmas present... the annual award of Best Issue of 2013. Stay tuned.


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