Sunday, January 26, 2014

20140303 - FRANCE

Last year were the horses,   this year are cows...
Code: FRA-2014-02
Release Date: March 03, 2014  (*)
Postal Authority: La Poste
Title: Cows of our Regions  // Les Vaches de nos Regions
Format: Serie of 12 stamps issued in booklets
Design: Mathilde Laurent
Printed by: Phil @ poste
Lighthouse: Pointe du Petit Minou.  Cows depicted on the cover of the booklet are from "Froment du Léon" race. This breed is native to the region of Bretagne.  And Petit Minou is one of the wonderful lighthouses of this region.
Pointe du Petit Minou
ALL    D-0790

(Added January 26)

Beside the booklet with the stamps of Cows,  La poste will release a set of 4 "prêt-à-poster".  4 envelopes and 4 printed cards related to this issue...

... and like the cover of the booklet, the designer put more lighthouses in 2 of the cards.

Too difficult to identify... Help is needed here...

This one is more easy.
It appears to be Pierres Noires

(*) The presentation date of this issue will be February 22 at the "Salon de l’Agriculture" in Paris.

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