Saturday, April 26, 2014

20130613 - JAMAICA

Hello Friends:
New family members of the Jamaican Lighthouses are among us. And this is so for almost a year. 
On June 13 of 2013 a second reprint of these stamps was released.  Like the first reprint, the best way (and I believe that it is the only way) to identify this new set of 4 stamps is the year printed at the bottom of the stamp.
Lets take a look at it...

$ 20
Negril Point

$ 50
Morant Point

$ 60
Lover´s Leap

$ 200

And next, the three versions of each stamps, together to compare.  Click over the images to get a better definition.


Click HERE to see the original post of the 2011 issue.

Thank you very much to Angel Gonzalez  ( for the alert on these new stamps.

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