Wednesday, May 21, 2014

20140530 - CROATIA

Code: CRO-2014-01
Release Date: May 30, 2014
Postal Authority: Hrvatska pošta
Title: Lighthouses 2014
Format: Serie of 3 stamps
Sheets of: 10 stamps
Dimensions (mm): 48,28 x 29,82
Perforation: 14
Currency: Kuna - HRK
Design: Orsat Franković design, Zagreb
Photos: Andrija Carli
Paper: White 102g, gummed
Printing Process: Offset Multicolor
Printed by: "Zrinski" - Čakovec
Quantity: 100.000 series

2.80 (HRK)
Lighthouse: Palagruža  (ALL E-3586)

5.80 (HRK)
Lighthouse: Struga  (ALL E-3544)
5.80 (HRK)
Lighthouse: Sušac  (ALL E-3538)

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