Sunday, June 29, 2014

20140730 - United States of America

Code: USA-2014-01
Release Date: July 30, 2014
Postal Authority: USPS
Title: 150 Anniversary of Civil War - 2014 issue
Format: 2 se-tenant stamps
Souvenir Sheet of: 12 stamps (6 sets)
Design: Phil Jordan
Mobile Bay Stamp: Painting by Julian Oliver Davidson (1886)
Facial:  Permanent Value "FOREVER" (First Class Mail 1 ounce)

Battle of Mobile Bay stamp
Mobile Point Lighthouse in Fort Morgan
(1822 - 1864)
The available image of the stamp is not clear enough, so until the stamps be released, we can take a look at the original painting.
Sector of the Painting by J.O.Davidson with
a clear view of the lighthouse

Next, two images of the remains of the lighthouse after this battle
from the US National Park Service website

Photo: US National Archives

Photo: US National Archives
I recommend to read about the lighthouses of this area.  It´s a history of construction and destruction (by human and nature).

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