Wednesday, November 19, 2014

20140901 - JAPAN

Code: JAP-2014-02
Release Date: September 01, 2014
Postal Authority: Japan Post
Title: 100th Anniversary of Japan Society of Civil Engineers
Format: Serie of 10 stamps issue in sheet
Sheet dimensions (mm): 93,5 x 222,50
Stamp dimensions (mm): 28 x 38,5
Design: Matsuzaki Takashi (landscape designer)  /  Akira Tamaki  /  Fukui Tsuneaki
Printing Process: Offset 6 colours
Currency: Yen - JPY
Face Value: 82 (local std letter up to 25g)
Quantity: 1.000.000 sheets

Stamp 3 and 8 of the serie
Multiple Stylized Breakwater Lights in both stamps
Click over the image for a better view

Thank you very much to Gary Toth for the alert on this issue.

Thanks to Vlado for the help with the images.

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