Thursday, March 5, 2015

General Info: Cancel and Postal Stationery from Argentina

The province of Tierra del Fuego in Argentina will host an International Philatelic Expo between March 23 and 28.   Correo Argentino will release 2 ítems in homage to this event.  A cancel and a postal stationery.


Date: March 23 to 28
City: Rio Grande  (city where the expo is organized)
Lighthouse: Les Eclaireurs
Postal Stationery
The design of the postal stationery depicts several images of the city of Rio Grande and fauna of the province.  And we find the lighthouse again in the logo of the expo (top left) like in the Cancel.  But the interesting part of this PS is a map in the center of the design.
The map shows a part of the province,  with 4 points highlighted.  The location of the 2 major cities of the province:
-Rio Grande (the host of the expo)
-Ushuaia (the tourist city)
And the other 2 points are for the famous lighthouses of this part of the planet.
-Les Eclaireurs  (near Ushuaia)
-San Juan de Salvamento located in the Isla de los Estados
And is always good to explain and remember that "Les Eclaireurs" IS NOT the "Lighthouse of the End of the World".    San Juan de Salvamento is.

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