Friday, June 5, 2015

General Info: Collector from France 2015

Issue from France under the category COLLECTORS (special stamps issued outside the regular program).  In this opportunity a serie of 10 stamps celebrating a photo exhibition known as "Le Festival du Mor Braz" in Quiberon (Bretagne).

One of the stamps depicts the Lighthouse of Grands Cardinaux (D-1086) located at south of Quiberon bay. This photo belong to Daniel Cariou and is part of a collection of 16 photos that participate in this exhibition.
The photos were taken in 1972 by Cariou during a visit to the lighthouse and portraits the life of the lighthouse keepers.  The name of the collection is " C’était la vie au phare". 
If you can´t attend to Quiberon, click down here  and you will see the 16 photos about the life in a lighthouse

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