Monday, October 19, 2015

20151014 - PORTUGAL

Code:  POR-2015-02
Release Date: October 14, 2015 
Coming from:  CTT
Title:  2015 - International Year of Light and Soils
Format:  Serie of 4 stamps
Sheets of: 50 stamps (2 x 25 Lights  or  2 x 25 Soils)
Design:  Pedro Ferreira
Printing Method:  Offset
Printed by: Cartor
Quantity:  155.000 series

Stamp 2 of 4 
Currency:  Euro -EUR
Facial:  0.45 (EUR)
Dimensions (mm):  30,6 x 40
Perf: 13 + Cross of Christ
Lighthouse:  Cabo da Roca
All:  D-2108
Country:  PORTUGAL
A better view of Cabo da Roca on the
cover of the Philatelic Brochure

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