Monday, December 14, 2015

General Info: Previewing the 2016

Hello Friends:
The next year is in the horizon.  Lighthouse stamps for 2016 are starting to pop up.  This is a provisional list for what we know until now.  I will keep this issues in this list until end of December.  I do not want to mix the future issues of 2015 with the stamps of 2016.
New info added in Green

Date d/m/y
01/02/16 -Netherland Blocks
14/03/16 -Macau Block
07/07/16 -Germany 2 stamps
01/10/16 -Norway 2 stamps
07/10/16 -Latvia 1 stamp
07/10/16 -Saint Pierre et Miquelon 1 stamp
27/10/16-Estonia1 stamp
... ... ...

Update on ESTONIA:

The 2016 stamp programme reveals that the lighthouse serie will continue.  Great news provided by Klaus.


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