Tuesday, May 24, 2016

FRANCE - 2016


New Release

Code: FRA-2016-01
Availability: June 02 to June 05, 2016
Authority: La Poste
Title: 64th General Meeting of Philapostel in Saint-Denis-D´Oléron - LISA (*)
Design: Joël Lemaine
Printing Process: Offset
Paper: Thermic LISA 2
Quantity: 30.000

Lighthouse: Chassiron 
ALL: D-1270
Location: Island d'Oléron, France

Lighthouse: Fort Boyard
ALL: D-1256.3
Location: Between Oléron and Aix Island, France
(*) LISA: Libre-service d'affranchissement (postage self-service).  The machine with this design will be available between June 02 and June 05 in Saint-Denis d'Oléron.  2 lighthouses in the design! A very nice item to collect. Better,  if it was used for postage on a letter.

Others philatelic souvenirs will be available in the meeting like postcards, envelopes and personalized stamps

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