Saturday, June 11, 2016

JAMAICA - 2016

Code: JAM-2016-01
Release Date: March 14, 2016  (*)
Postal Authority: Jamaica Post
Title: Definitives - Lighthouses II
Format: 4 stamps
Dimensions (mm): 28,45 x 42,58 (portrait and landscape)
Perf: 14
Security: Paper with watermark "Pineaple"
Four new definitives stamps with face values of $40, $140, $180, and $300. More info about the  lighthouses and new images in the next days. 
(*) There is an unconfirmed information that although the release date is this year, the stamps are printed with the year "2015" at the bottom of the design.
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  4. Michel Rundschau (Jan-2017) presents these stamps at numbers 1189-1192 as issued on 14th March 2016, but really printed in 2015.