Saturday, June 10, 2017

JAMAICA - 2015

*** 2015 Issue ***

Code: JAM-2015-01
Release Date: Unconfirmed
Postal Authority: Jamaica Post 
Title: Definitives - Lighthouses I
Format: Set of 4 stamps

Third Reprint of the 2011 Issue

This week I received the last reprint of the original set of 4 stamps of the Definitives "Lighthouses of Jamaica" issued originaly in 2011.
I couldn´t confirm the release date of this reprint. Some says that, despite the year printed, the release was in 2016. For the moment, I will asign to this set to the year 2015.
Nothing different in the design of the stamps except the year "2015" printed at the bottom of the stamps. 

And the original stamp and the 3 reprints together, looks like this.  Click over the image for a better view of the different years...

Let´s see what will happen in the future with this 4 stamps and if the new stamps of 2016 will receive reprints .

-Post of the original issue in 2011: Click Here
-Post of the 2012 reprint: Click Here
-Post of the 2013 reprint: Click Here

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