Thursday, September 7, 2017

AZORES - 2017 (II)


Code: AZO-2017-02
Release Date: September 07, 2017
Postal Authority: CTT
Title: Azores Geoparks
Format: Serie of 4 stamps and Block with 2 stamps
Presentation: Single stamps in sheets of 50 stamps
Block Dimensions (mm): 125 x 95
Stamp Dimensions (mm): 30,6 x 40
Perf: 13 + Cross of Christ
Currency: EURO  - EUR
Design: MAD Activities
Printing Process: Offset
Paper:  FSC - 110 g/m2
Printer: Cartor
0,50 and 1,00: 115.000 each
0,80: 135.000
0,85: 100.000
Block: 40.000

Where is the Lighthouse?
Stamp 2 of 4

Sadly, the ruins of the lighthouse of Capelinhos did not enter in the design for a few meters. But at least, we have the location marked on the map of the stamp.

The Capelinhos lighthouse is the co-star of the most dramatic stamp of our topic. I am talking of the issue in occasion of the 50 anniv of the eruption of the volcano with the same name in 2007.

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