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Surcharged?  Yes.  

Because different reasons (financial mainly), there are seriuos problems of lack of stamps in postal offices of minor towns and in some offices of big cities of Argentina.

What Correo Argentino did?  Print more current definitive stamps?  NO. They started to looking for material in the stock of Philately.  Unselled stamps of past years (2002 in this case) are being surcharged.

And in november, was the turn of "Argentinian Landscapes" and San Jorge Lighthouse stamp.

At this moment the surcharged stamps are not for sell in the E-Store of Correo Argentino.  They are being distributed in the postal offices only.

There are no first day of issue known. Also, we don´t know how many of these were surcharged.  We are in a treasure hunt here. Waiting for some news about when and where will they arrive.

Code: ARG-2018-01
Release Date: November 2018
Postal Authority: Correo Argentino
Title: Argentinian Landscapes I - Surcharged
Format: Serie of 8 stamps
Presentation: Sheets of 16 stamps (2 series)

Currency: Peso - ARS
Facial: 100 over 0.75  (ARS)
Dimensions (mm): 68 x 29
Perf: 14 x 13 1/2

Lighthouse: San Jorge
ALL: G-1104
Location: Comodoro Rivadavia, Chubut province, Argentina

Original Stamp from 2002
Scott  2190f

Thanks to Filatelia Argentina forum for the images:

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