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20120704 - NEW ZEALAND

******   UPDATED ******

We have to take a better look at this issue.  Nizam (author of send me today, better images of 2 other stamps of Tiki Tour 2 that contains more lighthouses. Well..., some people (included me) could say that only 1 of those stamps are LH stamp, but lets see...

Stamp 13 in the block
Castle Point Lighthouse
Top-Right corner of the stamp
 Here it is a better image of the lighthouse for reference.

Stamp 20 in the block

Well..., what to do with this stamp?   There are 2 featured things in Taiaroa Head.   Royal Albatros and a Lighthouse.  We have the albatros on the front, so the construction in the background have to be the lighthouse.

But the problem is that it doesn´t look like Taiaroa Head Lighthouse.

What is that?  A free interpretation from the artist/designer of the stamp?  

In conclusion:  At this moment I take the stamp N.13 (Castle Point) as a Lighthouse Stamp.  Regarding the N.20, I will continue to look for more information about buildings in that zone,  and of course all the info that you can provide is welcome.

Thanks again Nizam for the images.

******  ORIGINAL POST *****

Release Date: July 04, 2012
Postal Authority: New Zealand Post
Title: A Tiki Tour of New Zealand 2  (*)
Format: Block with 20 stamps
Design: Geoff Francis.  Illustrator: Evan Purdie. Assignment Group, Wellington, New Zealand.
Paper: Tullis Russell 104gsm red phosphor gummed stamp paper
Printing Process: Offset Lithography in 4 colours
Printed by: Southern Colour Print Ltd

Stamp (Number 1 in the serie)

Currency: New Zealand Dollar - NZD
Facial: 70c (0.70 NZD)
Dimensions (mm): 35 x 40,6
Perforation: 14,286 x 14,286
Lighthouse: Cape Reinga

Take a look at the Tiki Tour 1 from 2009...

...and the stamp of our interest

Thanks Ravi for the alert on this issue

(*) from

Tiki Tour: (New Zealand slang)
1- a sight-seeing journey with no particular destination in mind.
2- taking the scenic route to a destination.

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