Tuesday, July 3, 2012

20120323 - JAMAICA

Reprint of 2011 issue

Hello friends:

In march, Jamaica released a reprint set of the 2011 Lighthouses issue.

Today (finally!),  I had personal contact with these stamps. Same colours, same facial values...,  but there is a diference between last year and this year.  A little number 2012 was printed at the bottom of the stamps.

The numbers are very difficult to see at naked eye (especially in the $60 stamp).

But, due to the presence of these numbers,  this set is a different and a new set according with my humble interpretation.

Next, the scans of the 4 new stamps with her older sisters.

Negril Point   -  $ 20

Morant Point - $ 50

Lover´s Leap - $ 60

Galina Point  -  $ 200

Information about the 2011 issue:

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