Friday, July 11, 2014

20140808 - ISLE of MAN

Code: IOM-2014-01
Release Date: August 08, 2014
Postal Authority: Isle of Man Post Office
Title: 100th Anniversary of the Panama Canal
Format: Miniature Sheet with 1 stamp
Dimensions (mm): 110 x 70
Stamp Dimensions (mm): 28 x 42
Perf: 14
Facial / Currency: 3.50 Pound
Design: Isle of Man Advertising / Allison Crellin
Printing Process: Offset Litho 4 colours
Paper: 110 gms
Printed by: BDT
Lighthouse: the miniature sheet depicts the passage of Cunard’s Queen Elizabeth through the Panama Canal just in front of one of many lights of this waterway. The design is a collage of images. I can not identified with a 100% of certainty wich one is. Next, I show a posible candidate,  the J-6132 (Leading Light). Or maybe it´s another, but with the same design.
J-6132 (Panama Canal Main West Entrance - Bahia Limon-
Leading Light Front N.4)  (*)
Also, on the cover of the Presentation Pack we have another lighthouse.  In this case is a more familiar.   The view is from the Atlantic entrance to the Canal, and the lighthouse (I draw a circle on it) is the Gatún Northbound Rear.
(*) Photo from Online List of Lights: Thanks Alex.

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