Saturday, July 26, 2014

20140918 - GREAT BRITAIN

Both images are from the FIRST DAY COVER
Parts of the First Day Cancellation in black can be seen
in the corners of the stamps

Code: GBR-2014-01
Release Date: September 18, 2014
Postal Authority: Royal Mail
Title: Seaside Architecture
Format: Serie of 6 stamps and Minisheet of 4 stamps
Currency: Pound
Design: Why Not Associates
Photos: Lee Mawdsley
Printed by: ISP (Stamps) - Enschede (Minisheet)

Stamp 4 of the serie
97 (0.97 Pound)
Service: International Mail Europe up to 20g or
World outside Europe up to 10g

Lighthouse: Southwold (A-2272)
Stamp 3 of the Minisheet
1.28 Pound
Service: International Letter outside Europe up to 20g

Faux Lighthouse
Ride of the amusement park installed on the pier
named "Helter Skelter"

What appear to be the First Day Cover of the Minisheet shows another lighthouse in the design...

St.Mary´s Lighthouse (Ex A-2748)

Thank you very much Jürgen ( for the information.

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