Sunday, December 7, 2014

Best Issue - 2014

Updated  December 07
After a week of receiving your opinions, this is the current situation of the poll. 

I do not identify the stamps in the graphic to avoid influence in future votes.

As you can see, we have 2 releases in dispute of the first place, and other 3 in pursuit of the third place.  Let me know your opinion, the poll closes on December 26.

Original Post:

ALDERNEY - February

ALDERNEY- November

BRAZIL - April

BRAZIL - December


CUBA - May

CUBA - October

ESTONIA - October

FAROES - April



ICELAND - September

ISLE of MAN - August

ISLE of MAN - September

JAPAN - April

JERSEY - September

JERSEY - October

LATVIA - September

MEXICO - April


TAIWAN - March

TUNISIA - November

UKRAINE - September

USA - July
Hello Friends:
Last month of the year. Although one always is hoping a surprise, apparently all is said and done regarding lighthouses stamps for 2014.
There was less stamps than last year.  We had 91 total issues in 2013, but until now only 56 in 2014.
The positive side of these numbers, is that our wallet is happy. 
So, let´s take these last days of the year to review the 2014 and make a list with the best issues.
The last week of the year, a Top 10 will be released.  As an incentive and thanks  (like last year), I will choose randomly among voters a winner to receive a surprise gift. It will be a set of lighthouse stamps issued this year.

I will need that you choose 5 issues. Please send to me your list to the mail here below written:
My vote for 2014 in decreasing order of importance is:
1 - Best issue:  South Africa
2 - Faroe
3 - Jersey (New Jersey issue)
4 - Taiwan
5 - Isle of Man (Dark Sky)
Let me know your opinion.

(*) The images are ilustrative. The selection is not limited to these issues only. All the 2014 stamps are elegibles.

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