Saturday, December 20, 2014

20150102 - DENMARK

Code: DEN-2015-01
Release Date: January 02, 2015
Postal Authority: Post Danmark
Title: Vadehavet National Park
Format: 3 stamps issued in sheets, coils and minisheets
Design: Post Danmark Frimærker
Gravure: Bertil Skov Jørgensen
Printing Process: Gravure and Offset
Currency: DKK - Danish Krone
-Sheep and Baby Seals stamps: 48000 each in sheets of 10
-Seabird stamp: 15.000 in coils of 100
-Minisheet: 54.000

10.00  (DKK)
Lighthouse: Blåvandshuk  (B-1848)

Thanks to Klaus, Jaap and Jesper Tveden for the help in identifying the tower in this stamp.

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