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20150303 - FRANCE

 ***  Update:   I had doubts about the name of the lighthouse depicted on one of the stamps.  The confirmation came directly from the designer  thru Jaap,  a friend and reader of this blog from the Netherlands.  Like I said, the designer Mathilde Laurent confirms that the lighthouse is Cape Fréhel and that the old tower was not drawn in the final work.  Thanks again Jaap for providing the info. ***
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Horses in 2013
Cows in 2014

Goats in 2015

Code: FRA-2015-01
Release Date: March 03, 2015  (*)
Postal Authority:  La Poste
Title: Goats of Our Regions  // Chévres de nos Régions
Format: Serie of 12 stamps issued in booklets
Design: Mathilde Laurent
Printing Process: Héliogravure  4 colours
Booklet Dimensions (mm): 256 x 54
Stamp Dimensions (mm): 38 x 24
Printed by: Phil @ poste
Quantity: 3.700.000
Permanent Value
Service: Local Lettre Verte 20g
Lighthouse: Cape Fréhel   A-1698
This breed of goats belong to the region of Bretagne (among others), and it is there where is located in the map on the cover of the booklet.
After a search of lighthouses in that zone,  the only that have a similar shape, is Cape Fréhel (A-1698).  But there is a problem. There are 2 lighthouses in Cape Fréhel, and one of them (the old one) is missing in this stamp.  Maybe is another and I am not looking correctly.  So, until a personal look of the stamp, this info is subject to changes.
(*) This booklet will have a special presentation  in the Agriculture Salon in Paris on February 21. 
This is a special request for the readers from France. The designer Mathilde Laurent will be present in the event. A very nice opportunity to talk to her and ask her about this lighthouse and also to get autograph ítems of this issue.  The booklet of Cows was also designed by she.

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