Friday, February 6, 2015

GENERAL INFO - Postcard from Iceland

Hello Friends:

General Info. This is a new type of entries in this blog.   Sometimes, looking for new stamps, I find ítems from the Postal Offices related with our theme that I do not post because they are not stamps.  Official postcards, cancellations, collectors issues, etc.
Starting now I will inform about them under this title.  You will see these entries organized by type of ítem at the right bar in this blog.
I will not follow these items in a thorough way like I do with the stamps.  Feel free to help with information about them.  I start in 2015.  I will not list items from previous years.  And I will not list Personalized stamps.  I dislike the concept of personal stamp.  Sorry but I resist to inform about them.

Here it is the first item listed under this title and it comes from Iceland:

Iceland Post / Postphil published every year a set of postcards.  This year, one of the twelve released is this one:

It depicts  Reykjanes lighthouse in Reykjanes Peninsula.  The photo is from Skarphéðinn Þráinsson and the official date of issue is January 23. 

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