Wednesday, July 22, 2015

20150602 - JAPAN

The serie from Japan "60 Anniversary of Enforcement of Autonomy Law" gave us thru the last years a lot of material to work with. This year can´t be the exception, although it is particularly difficult to identify.


Code:  JAP-2015-01
Release Date:  June 02, 2015
Coming from:  Japan Post
Title:  60 Anniversary of Enforcement of the Autonomy Law - TOKUSHIMA
Format: Set of 5 stamps in Minisheet
Minisheet Dimensions (mm): 93.5 x 175
Design:  Tomohiro Maruyama
Printing Method:  Rotogravure 6 colours
Printed by:
Quantity:  800.000 minisheets
Stamp 5 of 5 
Currency:  Yen - JPY
Facial:  82 (JPY)
Service:  Local Std Letter up to 25g
Dimensions (mm):  28 x 33,5
All:  M-5578.8
Country: Japan

Hiwasa ko North Breakwater painted in red.
The South Breakwater is not visible in the stamp

Next,  an image from Google Earth of Ohama Beach and the lights at the back.  Click over for a better view.

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