Friday, July 31, 2015

20150812 - ITALY

Code: ITA-2015-02
Release Date: August 12, 2015
Postal Authority: Poste Italiane
Title: Natural and Landscape Heritage - Parks, Gardens and Botanical Gardens
Format: Serie of 4 stamps
Sheets of: 28 stamps same design
Paper: 90g/m2 - White - Neutro - No Fluorescent
Gum: Self Adhesive
Design: Giustina Milite
Printing Process: Rotogravure 6 colours
Printed by: IPZS SpA (Rome)
Quantity: 800.000 series
Stamp 4 of 4
Currency: EUR - Euros
Facial: 0,95
Dimensions (mm): 48 x 40
Perf: 11
Service: Prioritaire Letter up to 20g to Europe and countries bordering the Mediterranean
Lighthouse: Asinara  (alternatives names: Porta della Scorno, Cape Caprara)
ALL: E-1130
Country: Italy
First Day Cancellation
Same design that the stamp

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