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ISLE OF MAN - 2017

Updated with Images and Info

Code: IOM-2017-01
Release Date: January 19, 2017
Postal Authority: Oik Postagh Ellan Vannin
Title: The Hearts of Ellan Vannin
Format:  Serie of 6 stamps 
-Sheets of 24 stamps (Onchan-Ramsey-Port St.Mary and Port Erin)
-Sheets of 10 stamps (Peel and Castletown - Europa issue)
Design: Adam Berry
Printing Process:  Offset Lithography in 4 Colours
Paper:  110 gms
Gum:  PVA
Printer: Cartor

Stamp 1 of 6

This stamp depicts 2 lights of Peel Harbour.  I was sure that the one of the left was Peel PierHead.  But the other one, at the right, was difficult to confirm because the images were poor. Today I received a better image of the stamp that cleared my doubts. A little explanation:

Take a look at this photo of the lighthouses situation in Peel Harbour.  Click over the image for a bigger view. The photo was taken by me and I was standing exactly opposite of the point of view of the stamp. 

That lighthouse at the right of the stamp (left of this image) could be Peel Castle Jetty or Peel Breakwater, depending of where the designer put his point of view. The poor images didn´t help because it wasn´t clear if the lighthouse was white with a black base or was white and green in horizontal bands.  

Well, this is the lighthouse at the right of the stamp:


Face Value: Permanent Value - 1st
Dimensions: 28 x 42
-Peel Castle Jetty - A 4732
-Peel PierHead - A 4730
Location: Peel - West of Isle of Man

Better view of Peel PierHead in the Full Sheet of Peel Stamp

Feliz Navidad!  Merry Christmas!  Take it easy with the food and drinks.  Carlos

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