Saturday, April 1, 2017

Back on Line

Hello Friends:

Back on Line after 2 weeks of travel.  Where was I ...?   You saw an image in the previous post and here are another clue.  I stamped these 2 postal cancels in my passport.

Yes, you guessed. Galicia, Spain.  Great lighthouses to visit and a great place to stay with fantastic views, food and people. 

More images and touristic info about this travel in my other blog in spanish.
Turismo y Faros

Returning to the philately. What happened these last 2 weeks?  I will inform about that the next days. It  will be the usual material from Stamperija, and more important,  a first glimpse of the 2017 German stamps,  and news coming from Alderney.  

We keep in touch.

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