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Code: LIT-2017-01
Release Date: April 29, 2017
Title: Castles - EUROPA
Format: Set of 2 stamps
Presentation: Sheets of 10 stamps same design
Printing Method:
Printed by:

STAMP 2 of 2

Currency: EURO - EUR
Facial: 0,81 (EUR)
Dimensions (mm):

The design is based in a drawing by Christopher Hartknoch, and depicts Memel Castle in 1684.  The picture here below have more definition than the stamps. Click over it for a better view.

At the left of the channel, that geographically is the north side,  and in the same location that the actual Klaipeda Rear lighthouse, we can see this structure with a primitive lightning system.   A wooden pole with a hanging coal brazier. 

This is a very interesting stamp for our topic.

Thanks to the blog EUROPA-STAMPS for the stamps image.

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