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***  2017  stamps ***

From Djibouti and vía Stamperija and not Doubtful?...

Today I received the mail with the latest releases coming from Stamperija and his philatelic clients.  Big surprise with a serie of items issued under the theme "Local Stamps"
Totally different in design to the material wich we are accostumed, these stamps depicts images and topics with ties to the countries whos name are inscribed on them.
From this blog we applaud this iniciative and I consider these stamps much more collectables than the usual mega releases of Stamperija. 
The next step for these releases is provide accurate technical info and that they will be availables in the origin country for postage. 
Related to the lighthouses, there was a precedent in 2014 with St.Tome and Prince.   And now this minisheet of Djibouti.  

Code: DJB-2017-03
Release Date: 2017
Title:  Local Stamps
Format: Serie of 10 stamps
Presentation: Minisheets of 10 stamps  (1 serie)

Stamp 4 of 10

Currency: Djiboutian Franc - DJF
Facial: 300 FD  (DJF)
Dimensions (mm):

Lighthouse: Ra's Bir
ALL: D-7272
Location: Cape Ra's Bir, 10 km east of Obock, Djibouti

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