Sunday, February 4, 2018

JAMAICA - 2018

Code: JAM-2018-01
Release Date: Unconfirmed
Postal Authority: Jamaica Post
Title: Definitives - Lighthouses I

Fourth Reprint.  There is a lot to confirm here. But we have this image to start. Was the entiry set reprinted? Some of the four stamps? Or only this one with Lover´s Leap Lighthouse?  I will update this when more info arrive.
The thing to point here is that the year in this ocassion was printed in white instead of black like the previous releases.

In case that you want to check the previous four version of this stamp follow the next links:

-Original set: 2011  Click Here
-First Reprint: 2012  Click Here
-Second Reprint: 2013  Click Here
-Third Reprint: 2015  Click Here

Thank you very much to Michel Ellison for the alert

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