Tuesday, August 7, 2018

RUSSIA - 2018


*** See the final of the post for the update ***

Code: RUS-2018-01
Release Date: June 14, 2018
Postal Authority: Russian Post / Marka
Title: 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia 
Format: Block with 1 stamp
Presentation: Block with and without perforation
Design: Savina O.
Dimensions (mm): 115 x 115
Perf: 12 x 12,5
Currency: Ruble - RUB
Facial: 100 (RUB)
Printing Process: Offset + Bronze Paste + Partial Varnishing
Paper: Coated
Printed by: 
Quantity: 530.000

Lighthouse: Kaliningrad Fishing Village Faux Lighthouse
Location: Oblast of Kaliningrad, between Poland and Lithuania

*** Updated August 07 ***

An overprinted version of this block is available.  It contains data of the World Cup final and it looks like this...

The Overprints

Date of the Final

Teams that played the final and the score

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