Thursday, June 14, 2018

RUSSIA - 2018


Code: RUS-2018-01
Release Date: June 14, 2018
Postal Authority: Russian Post / Marka
Title: 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia 
Format: Block with 1 stamp
Presentation: Block with and without perforation
Design: Savina O.
Dimensions (mm): 115 x 115
Perf: 12 x 12,5
Currency: Ruble - RUB
Facial: 100 (RUB)
Printing Process: Offset + Bronze Paste + Partial Varnishing
Paper: Coated
Printed by: 
Quantity: 530.000

Lighthouse: Kaliningrad Fishing Village Faux Lighthouse
Location: Oblast of Kaliningrad, between Poland and Lithuania

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